Shigella sonnei

What Is Shigella Sonnei?

Shigella sonnei is a species of gram-negative, rod-shaped, and nonmotile bacteria that together with shigella flexneri are responsible for 90% of shigellosis cases.

History of Shigella Sonnei

The species, sonnei, is named after the Danish bacteriologist Carl Olaf Sonne, and the genus Shigella is named after Japanese physician Kiyoshi Shiga, who researched the cause of dysentery.

Sonnei was first successfully isolated from a 5-year-old patient in Japan, where it was found out that it is a bacterium that is closely related to E. coli.

Later on, scientists found out that sonnei is the main cause of the enteric disease shigellosis, which is now known as the most common cause of endemic disease in both developed and developing countries.

Furthermore, studies in the 20th century concluded that sonnei is an enterobacter that is generally transmitted by uncooked food or contaminated water.

So food prepared by a contaminated individual can easily become contaminated.

Besides food, subcutaneous contact with inanimate objects and, most rarely, sexual contact can also lead to transmission of shigella sonnei from one place or person to another.

Although we know a lot about sonnei, much of its metabolic mechanism remains elusive because it is considered a more evolved species than other Shigella serogroups.

It is known to be less virulent than other shigella species because it doesn’t kill its host immediately. Perhaps that is why it is now the most common Shigella species worldwide.

Symptoms of Diseases Caused By Shigella Sonnei

Sonnei can lead to shigellosis, which has the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea (sometimes bloody)
  • Feeling the need to pass stool even when the bowels are empty

Although symptoms of shigellosis typically last from 5 to 7 days, they can sometimes last up to 4 or more weeks.

How You Can Treat Shigella Sonnei

Since shigella sonnei is developing resistance to antibiotics, there’s no knowing whether the medicines that can treat it today will work tomorrow.

Currently, doctors recommend only fluids, rest, and bismuth subsalicylate for patients with mild shigellosis. In severe cases, the patient’s stool sample is tested to see which antibiotic is most likely to work for him.

All that being said, unless you’re already suffering from a disease caused by shigella sonnei, you shouldn’t be worrying about the treatment.

You should be worrying about how to prevent the disease.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So why not take safety precautions right now, so you won’t have to face the risk of catching a disease caused by sonnei?

If you’re now wondering what safety precautions we are talking about, disinfecting your home and workplace with a solution that can kill shigella sonnei is all you need to do.

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