Pasteurella Pseudotuberculosis

What Is Pasteurella Pseudotuberculosis?

Pasteurella pseudotuberculosis is a gram-negative bacterium that causes Far East scarlet-like fever in humans and pseudotuberculosis in animals.

History of Pasteurella Pseudotuberculosis

Pasteurella pseudotuberculosis has long been considered a widespread animal pathogen, and it was only a decade ago that we found out it can cause human diseases too.

In the dozens of studies published on the effects pseudotuberculosis on humans, three forms of human disease other than tuberculosis have been established so far:

Acute septicemia
Mesenteric adenitis
Mesenteric lymphadenitis

Since mesenteric adenitis is often indistinguishable from acute appendicitis, a study was conducted in which blood serum was obtained from 66 consecutive patients who underwent operation for appendicitis to examine for agglutinins to seven serotype strains of pseudotuberculosis.

Titres of over 1/100 were found in three of 3 cases of mesenteric lymphadenitis, one of 46 with appendicitis, and one of 11 with no apparent disease.

More tests conducted later on showed that titres of 1/15 or less were found in five of the cases of appendicitis, in one case of mesenteric lymphadenitis, and in three with no apparent disease.

Furthermore, agglutinins were obtained in 21.2% of the test series.

So what does this all mean? It means that the occurrence of titres and agglutinins in over half of the cases may be indicative of previous contact with pseudotuberculosis.

In summary, recent studies have shown that pseudotuberculosis may be responsible for certain human diseases, including appendicitis, acute septicemia, and mesenteric lymphadenitis.

Symptoms of Pseudotuberculosis

As we mentioned earlier, pasteurella pseudotuberculosis can lead to various diseases. So the symptoms would depend on the disease we’re talking about.

However, in most cases, it causes the following TB-like symptoms:

Necrosis or granulomas
Fever and abdominal pain
Problems with the liver, spleen, or lymph nodes

But that’s not all. In some cases, pasteurella pseudotuberculosis can lead to more severe systemic diseases — which have a high fatality rate.

How You Can Treat Diseases Caused By Pseudotuberculosis

No matter which disease you have due to pasteurella pseudotuberculosis, the best drug for treating the bacterium is fluoroquinolone.

Other treatment options like β-lactam antibiotics are available, but they’re not as effective.

All that being said, unless you’re already suffering from a disease caused by pseudotuberculosis, you shouldn’t be worrying about the treatment.

You should be worrying about how to prevent the disease.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So why not take safety precautions right now, so you won’t have to face the risk of catching a disease caused by pseudotuberculosis?

If you’re now wondering what safety precautions we are talking about, disinfecting your home and workplace with a solution that can kill pasteurella pseudotuberculosis is all you need to do.

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