What is Oidium SP?

Oidium sp is a fungal spore that often appears as a powder mildew on the leaves of plants that have been infected with it. This fungus also commonly occurs on grapes and grapevines, a surface that it thrives on.

About Oidium SP

Oidium sp. was first discovered in the late 1800s on the surface of tomatoes, the white powdery mildew forming along the dry surface of the tomato. As a plant pathogen, it tends to thrive on dry surfaces, as opposed to moist surfaces like most molds or fungi do. The light powdery finish lives and grows on drier surfaces and is watched away by water, which makes it unique from most.

It has the danger of being a crop-killing fungi, and often appears in produce, like tomatoes, alfalfa, lettuce, beans, cucumber, and pumpkins. It has a surprisingly low host range and is limited to these types of crops and produce.

Oidium sp. is an asexual spore. It reproduces by breaking apart from itself and essentially regrowing to become new spores.

Symptoms of Diseases Caused by Oidium SP

Although the Oidium sp. is categorically non-lethal to humans, there is still a potential harm from consuming it off of the fruits and vegetables that it grows on. Some of the symptoms that can come from consuming the oidium sp. fungi includes the potential for a severe allergic reaction to the spores, as well as stomach aches and nausea if the mold bothers you more.

How You Can Treat Oidium SP

As Oidium sp. is not a harmful substance for humans and it cannot infect them just because they come into contact with it, it is still an unpleasant and potentially dangerous substance that can cause severe allergic reactions. There is not a needed treatment for it but there is a need to avoid consuming it.

How Alliance Enviro-Tech Can Help

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