What is Nodulisporium SP?

Nodulisporium sp. is a fungus that, as a plant pathogen, is naturally found in soil, dead plant residue, and dead trees.

About Nodulisporium SP

While it flourishes in the damp, dark earth and in the remains of rotting organic materials like plants and trees, is is both demitomacious and nondemitomacious . Demitomacious means it comes in both dark brown shades, that are typically more infectious, as well as nondemitomacious, which means it is less infectious.

The shape of the spore is long and spindly, with tube-like structures, and ends that branch out like a tree with knobs toward the end.

Although it is less common, there are infections as well as other health issues that result from nodulisporium sp fungal infections. One potential toxin produced by the fungus is Nodulisporic acid, which has actually been tested as an alternative to protect dogs from fleas. The test demonstrated high efficacy of flea elimination with little to no side effects for the dogs.

Additionally, the endophytic nodulisporium has been studied for its ability to be combined with other compounds to see if it would function as a potential alternative fuel source.

Symptoms of Diseases Caused by Nodulisporium SP

The nodulisporium fungi is not a very large threat to humans, and infections from this spore are incredibly rare. However, as with all fungi, there is potential for danger if an individual has a compromised immune system or if they have some other preexisting condition, like asthma.

Nodulisporium can induce minor effects as a result of allergies, which might include, congestion, stuffiness, itchy throat, or watery and red eyes.

How You Can Treat Nodulisporium SP

Nodulisporium can be treated with a standard antifungal medication, although this is rarely ever needed as the fungi is not usually one that infects humans or has any significant impact on them.

Regardless of the lack of danger and low likelihood of infections, it remains important to protect more vulnerable or exposed populations. When in the home or workplace, having a plan for disinfectants can make all the difference in one’s health.

How Alliance Enviro-Tech Can Help

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