What is Microstroma SP?

Microstroma sp is a plant pathogen that is most often seen as Downy Leaf Spot. It appears as  tiny spores that cause white fungal growth on the leaves of plants and trees. The fungus can also hide on twigs and flower buds as well.

History of Microstroma SP

As with many types of mold or fungus, the microstroma sp most often appears in wet, damp areas that have poor circulation. Typically, this fungus is found on walnut trees, pecan trees, hickory trees, and butternut trees.

The fungus will typically appear on the underside of leaves, where the side is most often shaded. It can also appear as pale-yellow spots that are visible on the surface side of the leaf, or pale green bumps as well.

The infection can spread across a tree quickly but will often not kill the tree itself. Most often, one will see signs of the infection on only the leaves, twigs, and buds. They will often look bumpy, fuzzy, or textured.

Most often, the fungus appears in nut orchards across the western United States.

Symptoms of Diseases Caused by Microstroma SP

Microstroma is not seen in humans as a symptomatic disease, as the spores do not indicate an ability to enter or thrive in the human body. The threat of infection to humans is extremely low.

How You Can Treat Microstroma SP

While it’s always safer and healthier to avoid fungus or mold spores to eliminate potential dangers, there currently are no indicators that microstroma sp can be caught in humans or would need to be treated.

Regardless, spores can be hard to identify specifically as microstroma sp, and many spores and fungi can be hazardous to individuals with health issues. Take steps to ensure the safety and protection of your home and workspace.

How Alliance Enviro-Tech Can Help

Alliance Enviro-Tech can disinfect both residential and commercial spaces thoroughly.

Our Path-Guard®  system can kill Microstroma SP in under 5 minutes, giving you peace of mind to know your property is safe for everyone living or working there.

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