What is Memnoiella SP?

Memnoniella sp. is a mitosporic fungus as well as a hyphomycete and is more commonly referred to as a mold. It’s spread in the form of dry spores that catch in the wind and air and transfer from plant to plant, or plant to human.

History of Memnoniella SP.

The memnoniella mold is similar in character to the stachybotrys mold. It is made of extremely small spores, which make it dangerous as it is more capable of traveling the air and penetrating the lining of the lungs when inhaled.

The small spores are most commonly found in the outside environment, specifically on plants, but can also thrive indoors on plants as well. It can be a toxic substance, and because of its ability to bind to ribosomal proteins, it can lead to trichothecenes toxicity specifically.

It can be specifically found in the soil or litter of plants and trees, where it thrives in damn, dark soils. More often, it appears as mold in homes or buildings where water damage might have occurred, or where there were persistent leaks that produced a thriving, wet environment to allow the spores to grow and spread.

It is also a spore that produces mycotoxins.

Symptoms of Diseases Caused by Memnoniella SP.

The symptoms of an infection from the spores of the memnoniella mold range in severity based on the toxicity of the spore itself. Symptoms in general can include:

  •     Throat irritation
  •     Difficulty breathing, especially in those with asthma or other pulmonary conditions
  •     Eye irritation
  •     Itchy nose
  •     Rashes
  •     Nail fungus
  •     Autoimmune system breakdowns
  •     Pulmonary conditions

How You Can Treat Memnoniella SP.

When a human is found to be infected with memnoniella sp., the most common and effective treatment approach is the use of antifungal medications like Griseofulvin, Triazole, Fluconazole, and Clotrimazole.

To treat the symptoms of the fungus a patient might receive topic anti-fungal, oxygen therapy, eye drops, salves, and other medical treatments to focus on the symptoms.

Especially an immunocompromised individual, or someone with asthma or other pulmonary conditions, the dangers of the memnoniella sp. are high. The extremely small spores can invade the lungs and cause significant difficulty with breathing, which can cause incredible harm to the body.

As it is commonly found indoors, don’t wait until it’s too late to treat your home or office for memnoniella sp.

How Alliance Enviro-Tech Can Help

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