Legionella Pneumoniae

What Is Legionella Pneumoniae?

Legionella Pneumoniae is a bacteria that is found naturally in freshwater. It has a tendency to contaminate hot water tanks, as well as hot tubs and even air conditioners. Catching this bacteria is as easy as breathing in air that contains it. Thankfully, it is not known to spread directly between people that well. When people are exposed to it, they usually do not become infected.
People who are smokers, elderly, have chronic lung disease, or a weak immune system are more susceptible to a bacterial infection caused by Legionella Pneumoniae.

It has been known as Legionnaires’ disease since 1976, after the location where it was first identified at an American Legion convention in Philadelphia. Nearly 200 people became infected, out of which 29 died.

Symptoms of Legionella Pneumoniae

Legionella Pneumoniae leads to symptoms very similar to other kinds of pneumonia. The most common symptoms include the following:
⦁ Cough
⦁ Shortness of breath
⦁ Fever
⦁ Muscle aches
⦁ Headaches
⦁ Diarrhea
⦁ Nausea
⦁ Mental confusion

These symptoms will start appearing between 2-10 days after there has been exposure to Legionella Pneumoniae. However, symptoms may not appear until two weeks after the initial exposure occurred. These symptoms should be considered especially alarming if you have spent any time in a hot tub, stayed in a hospital within the past two weeks, or spent at least one night away from your home.


To effectively treat a bacterial infection caused by Legionella Pneumoniae, you will be prescribed antibiotics. The most effective antibiotics will have high intracellular penetration. Thanks to antibiotics, it is possible to recover quickly. The initial diagnosis to see if Legionella Pneumoniae is present involves the use of a urinary antigen test, along with a sputum culture.


While there are currently no vaccines available to prevent infection by Legionella Pneumoniae, there are preventative measures you can take. The best thing to do is to maintain any water systems you may have. This will reduce the risk of the bacteria growing and spreading. Check any hot tubs, hot water tanks and heaters, major plumbing systems, and cooking systems.


While no vaccine exists, antibiotics can be used as a cure for this bacterial infection. It is important to get to a hospital at the first sign of symptoms, given that nearly 10% of all patients who get infected with Legionella Pneumoniae will die.

How Alliance Enviro-Tech Can Help

Legionella Pneumoniae is a bacteria that can lead to what is called Legionnaires’ disease. With a 10% fatality rate for those hospitalized, you will want to ensure that you are not placing yourself and others at risk of succumbing to this disease. It is important to be aware of all potential ways bacteria can spread in your home or office.

Alliance Enviro-Tech can disinfect both residential and commercial spaces thoroughly. Our Path-Guard solution and Path-Away Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution can kill Legionella Pneumoniae, as well as other bacteria and viruses, in under five minutes, giving you peace of mind to know your place is a healthier space. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.