What Is Drechslera SP?

Drechslera is a saprobic genus of fungi that are characterized by conidia attached to a zigzagged conidiophore. Most of its species are plant pathogens.

History of Drechslera SP

In 1930, thanks to Nisikado who proposed splitting the genus Helminthosporium giganteum for categorizing purposes, two new genus; Drechslera and Bipolaris were created.

A few decades later, scientists all over the world conducted studies on the newly formed genus and found out that drechslera sp were causing plant disease worldwide.

Leaf spot or melting out of Poa pratensis were found in all regions where the host was utilized.

Furthermore, drechslera sp was the main cause of red leaf spot in the United States, Australia, and Great Britain, along with being the reason why net blotch was widely distributed in Asia, Europe, and America.

In addition to all the above, research during that time also revealed that drechslera species can act as pathogens at a wide variety of temperatures.

Their activity peaks when the temperature ranges from 55-65°F. Except for the red leaf spot, which occurs during warm weather, drechslera diseases are more frequent during winter.

Lastly, the research also showed that although drechslera species are mostly plant pathogens, they can also affect humans in rare cases by causing infections.

Symptoms of Diseases Caused By Drechslera SP

Since species of the drechslera genus can cause several health issues, the symptoms vary completely depending on the condition we are talking about.

However, in the vast majority of cases, drechslera sp leads to human infections — which typically have the following five symptoms:

  • Body aches
  • Fever or chills
  • Coughing or sneezing
  • Feeling tired or fatigued
  • Digestive issues, such as nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

Although none of those symptoms are serious, health experts say that if not treated right away, such infections can lead to permanent damage.

How You Can Treat Drechslera SP

Since drechslera sp is developing resistance to antibiotics, there’s no knowing whether the medicine that can treat it today will work tomorrow.

Currently, doctors typically prescribe antifungal medicines like topical voriconazole to treat fungal keratitis caused by any species of the genus drechslera.

All that being said, unless you’re already suffering from a disease caused by drechslera sp, you shouldn’t be worrying about the treatment.

You should be worrying about how to prevent the disease.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So why not take safety precautions right now, so you won’t have to face the risk of facing a problem caused by drechslera sp?

If you’re now wondering what safety precautions we are talking about, disinfecting your home and workplace with a solution that can kill drechslera sp is all you need to do.

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