Disinfecting Services For Commercial Businesses


Businesses have never before been under more pressure to ensure a safe and disinfected work environment for their employees and customers. From schools to stadiums, all commercial hubs feel the growing need to ensure that their premises are regularly disinfected to prevent the spread of deadly viruses and provide a healthy environment for their patrons and workforce.

With Alliance Enviro-Tech’s Path-Guard® Dry Fogging System, any size commercial space can be disinfected from harmful bacteria, viruses, molds, mildews, yeasts and fungi without subjecting the space to harmful chemicals.

Most disinfecting systems use chemicals, alcohol, or bleach to eradicate the germs present in the environment. While there is no doubt of the effectiveness of such a process, it can expose the workers, students, and others present in the premises to harmful effects of chemical solutions.

The Path-Guard® Dry Fogging system used by Alliance Enviro-Tech is tested and approved by different government and consumer agencies for safety, purity, and efficacy. These include USDA Organic, Canada Organic, United States Environmental Protection Agency, USFDA to name a few.

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Kills molds, mildews, yeasts, bacteria and viruses.

Including Covid-19, Influenza, H1N1 and more!

Environmentally Friendly & Non-Toxic

EPA excempt due to not having any chemicals.

No need to leave your area for long

Once we finish our dry fogging the premises is safe to enter