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Industrial Services

How Alliance EnviroTech’s Dry Fogging Service Can Help Your Industrial Business Stay Safe in this Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the stringent lockdown measures taken to combat its spread, led to the closure and shuttering of industrial sites around the country. Virtually every industry was affected by this highly infectious pathogen. Thankfully, restrictions are easing up, yet the risk of infection by the virus is still high. That means that if you plan on re-opening your industrial site or business, you will want to make sure it is not infected by COVID-19.

To ensure that your business, plant, factory, or job site is pathogen-free, you need to hire professionals who use the most effective solution available today. That would be the PATH-GUARD®  electrostatic dry fogging system. When used by experienced operators, this system will easily kill viruses like COVID-19, as well as harmful bacteria that can damage, contaminate, or destroy your products and equipment. This is an advanced method of killing viruses and bacteria that will maintain safe premises.

What Is Dry Fogging?

At its core, “dry fogging” is a process that involves agglomeration. This is a fancy way of saying that tiny droplets stick to airborne viruses. These droplets are shot out of an ultrasonic nozzle stemming from a futuristic-looking device used by a professional operator disinfecting your site. When contact is made by the droplets with the virus, the pathogens get captured and killed. In less than five minutes, your industrial space will become free of any viruses, bacteria, molds, mildews and yeasts.

Why Use the PATH-GUARD Dry Fogging System

The air in any industrial setting should be clear of all pathogens that have the potential to infect workers and clients. This is why hiring operators who use the PATH-GUARD system is vital. The portable units that spray the dry fog use a hospital-grade and completely organic solution. They are even EPA-exempt due to chemicals being non-existent within it. Additionally, the FDA, USDA, GRAS, and 20 other agencies and organizations have approved it for use within industrial businesses.

No matter what your industrial setting is, using the Path-Guard®  system will effectively neutralize any viral or bacterial threats. In fact, there are 171 documented pathogens that have been proven to be killed within a few minutes of coming into contact with dry fog, COVID-19 being one of them.

Protect the safety and well-being of anyone onsite at your industrial business by using hiring experienced professionals who use the latest and best available disinfection tools like the PATH-GUARD dry fogging system.

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Commercial Services

How Alliance EnviroTech’s Dry Fogging Service Can Help Your Commercial Business Stay Safe in this Pandemic?

Businesses have never before been under more pressure to ensure a safe and disinfected work environment for their employees and customers. From schools to stadiums, all commercial hubs feel the growing need to ensure that their premises are regularly disinfected to prevent the spread of deadly viruses and provide a healthy environment for their patrons and workforce.

With Alliance Enviro-Tech’s Path-Guard®  Dry Fogging System, any size commercial space can be disinfected from harmful bacteria, viruses, molds, mildews, yeasts and fungi without subjecting the space to harmful chemicals.

The Path-Guard® Dry Fogging process works on the natural phenomenon of ‘Agglomeration’ in which the airborne particles collide with like-sized water particles forcing them to fall down due to the increase in weight, thereby removing over 170 pathogens from the air you breathe.

Cleaning and disinfecting are two entirely different processes. While physical cleaning helps you remove dirt, organic matter, and germs from the surfaces, effective disinfection actually kills the germs and other pathogens present in the surroundings.

Busy environments like the retail outlets, office buildings, educational centers, etc. are exposed to different kinds of pathogens on a daily basis. The only way to avoid this exposure is to reduce the footfall that these establishments receive. However, reducing the number of entrants can affect the business adversely. On the other hand, implementing an effective dry fog strategy can help businesses remain open in the wake of viral infections like the current Covid-19 crisis.

Most disinfecting systems use chemicals, alcohol, or bleach to eradicate the germs present in the environment. While there is no doubt of the effectiveness of such a process, it can expose the workers, students, and others present in the premises to harmful effects of chemical solutions.

Conversely, Path-Away anti-Pathogenic Aerosol solution® offers an entirely all-natural disinfecting solution. Being plant based and alcohol-free, makes Path-Away anti-Pathogenic Aerosol solution® safe to use in food production areas and spaces occupied by humans or animals. Because it’s non-toxic, it is safe for any environment and the planet.

Commercial enterprises are typically apprehensive regarding the ‘wetness’ that ensues from disinfecting techniques as it may affect their sensitive equipment or electronics. The dry fogging process applied by Alliance Enviro-Tech does not damage your expensive equipment, electronics, furniture, or paper products. All of these can stay in their place while the dry fogging process is taking place. Over time, the replacement of valuable property, caused by degradation, becomes very costly to a business owner.

The Path-Guard® Dry Fogging system provided by Alliance Enviro-Tech is tested and approved by different government and consumer agencies for safety, purity, and efficacy. These include USDA Organic, Canada Organic, United States Environmental Protection Agency, USFDA to name a few.

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