What is Bacillus Cereus Var. Mycoies?

Bacillus cereus var. mycoies is a type of bacteria first named in 1886. This particular bacteria has an unusual growth pattern when it forms, given its expansive hairy colonies with unique defining swirls.

This bacteria can survive either with or without oxygen, and needs to grow within a temperature range of 10-40 Celsius (50-104 Fahrenheit). It is found in a wide array of environments, including the soil. It has been documented to cause disease in some species of fish, resulting in necrotic lesions.

Symptoms of Bacillus Cereus Var. Mycoies

There is currently little information regarding infection due to Bacillus cerues var mycoies. However, if an infected fish is ingested, it may be possible to become infected by proxy. The symptoms may include the following ones:

  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain


Since Bacillus cereus var mycoies is a bacteria, an infection can usually be treated by using antibiotics. The use of antibiotics should be started as soon as there is a reason to believe you are infected with it. However, there is an increasing number of antibiotics that are unable to treat infections due to growing antibiotic resistance. A doctor may order special tests to find out whether the bacteria are antibiotic-resistant. It is advisable to take antibiotics for several weeks.


The best way to prevent infection from Bacillus cereus var. mycoies is to practice safe eating habits. Eat cooked fish, especially catfish, that is still hot and not left out for too long. Be very careful regarding what you eat that comes from the water. You should always make sure you are eating safely. This will protect you from getting infected with Bacillus cereus var. mycoies, along with many other bacterial infections.


The cure for Bacillus cereus var. mycoies is the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics can be used as a cure for this bacterial infection, although there often need to be multiple antibiotics used together to cure the bacterial infection, especially in older adults and young children who have become infected.

How Alliance Enviro-Tech Can Help?

Bacillus cereus var. mycoies is a rare infection in humans, and documentation showing its infection is very challenging to come by. However, it never hurts to be too careful. This is a bacterial infection that can be avoided by following by avoiding infected fish, or avoiding fish that have been found to be infected altogether, such as catfish. You will want to ensure that you are not placing yourself at risk of succumbing to this bacterial infection. It is important to be aware of all potential ways bacteria can spread in your home or office.

Alliance Enviro-Tech can disinfect both residential and commercial spaces thoroughly. Our Path-Guard® System and Path-Away Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution® can kill Bacillus cerues var. mycoies, as well as other bacteria and viruses, in under five minutes, giving you peace of mind to know your place is a healthier space. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.