Acremonium SP

What Is Acremonium SP?

Acremonium sp is a genus of filamentous, cosmopolitan fungi that belongs to the family Hypocreaceae and is commonly isolated from plant soil and debris.

History of Acremonium SP

Acremonium sp was first isolated as an antibiotic by the Italian pharmacologist Giuseppe Brotzu in 1948.

Back then, it was considered a single bacterium with no species. It was later on in the late 20th century, when we found out the genus acremonium contains about 100 species.

Most of its species were proven to be saprophytic — meaning they’re isolated from dead plant material and soil.

Other species were recognized as opportunistic pathogens of animals and humans, causing diseases like eumycetoma, hyalohyphomycosis, and onychomycosis.

Although infections of humans caused by acremonium sp are rare, clinical manifestations of hyalohyphomycosis caused by it may include arthritis, cerebritis, endocarditis, peritonitis, pneumonia, and osteomyelitis.

In the starting of the 21st century, research revealed a lot more about acremonium.

For starters, we found out that the genus includes many slow growing, simply structured, and anamorphic filamentous fungi that are typically encountered in wet conditions.

Furthermore, the characteristic morphology of this genus is septate hyphae, which gives rise to thin, tapered aculeate phialides that are unicellular or weakly branched conidiophores.

Last but not least, we also found out that acremonium sp rarely causes disease in humans.

Symptoms of Diseases Caused By Acremonium SP

As we mentioned earlier, acremonium sp can lead to health problems like arthritis, cerebritis, endocarditis, peritonitis, pneumonia, and osteomyelitis — all of which have different symptoms that are not in any way connected to each other.

So the symptoms of a disease caused by acremonium sp vary depending on the condition we’re talking about.

How You Can Treat Acremonium SP

Once again, the treatment of a disease caused by acremonium sp varies according to the disease.

For instance, people with mild infections are treated with antibiotics, while people with severe and invasive infections like peritonitis or pleuritis are treated through surgical intervention to remove fungal mass from body tissues.

All that being said, unless you’re already suffering from a disease caused by acremonium sp, you shouldn’t be worrying about the treatment.

You should be worrying about how to prevent the disease.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So why not take safety precautions right now, so you won’t have to face the risk of catching a disease caused by acremonium sp?

If you’re now wondering what safety precautions we are talking about, disinfecting your home and workplace with a solution that can kill acremonium sp is all you need to do.

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